D.I.Y. Sushi Part 3: The Rolling

Now that you have completed the first step, The Rice, and the second step, The Filling, you are very close to sushi bliss. These next two steps are a lot shorter, but I have to admit, I hate them both.  These last steps make or break the presentation of your sushi rolls, however, if you mess them up,  they will still taste good.  I promise!

But don’t worry, your rolls will look pretty because I’m going to teach you how to master…

Rolling Sushi

The Rolling!

Okay, if you want to make cut rolls, you do not have to be a master sushi chef.  This is the most intimidating part, and I still sometimes mess this up. That said, I don’t let it discourage me because it is actually the best part of making sushi!

This is the step where you get to choose your fillings and create your masterpiece. But before you can get to that part, you have to gather your supplies:

File Jul 14, 9 22 24 PMFile Jul 14, 9 21 52 PM(From Left to Right) The rice, the rice paddle (or a spoon), the rolling mat (optional but helpful), the nori (known to mainlanders as seaweed), the filling board, and the water bowl.

File Jul 14, 9 34 07 PMFirst, lay out your rolling mat, if using. Then, place a sheet of nori on the mat (or work area). Use your paddle to scoop the rice onto the nori and gently spread the rice so the grains are loosely and evenly distributed. Leave about an inch uncovered at the end.

File Jul 14, 9 34 54 PMNow, it’s filling time! Don’t go overboard because your roll can only hold so much.  (This is where I mess up sometimes because I’m so excited I put in all the fillings.) Use only a single layer of each item, and line each of them up one after another, don’t pile them on top of each other.

File Jul 14, 9 36 17 PM  File Jul 14, 9 38 17 PMNext, use your mat (or just your hands) to lift the end closest to you. You are going to begin rolling one edge over and tucking it under. Your ultimate goal is to get the close edge rolled over that far edge of rice. Don’t forget to pull the mat back as you are doing this, so it doesn’t get stuck in the roll.

File Jul 14, 9 39 32 PMOnce you have rolled all the way to the edge of the rice, you will have a little flap of nori still hanging out.  This is where the water bowl comes in. Take your finger and swipe a tiny bit of water across the edge to dampen it.  This will help create the seal.

Then, you are all done with your roll and you are nearing the end!  On to Part 4: The (dreaded) Cutting!


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