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Welcome to Aloha Belly! I’m Lani Browne, and I am a fifth grade teacher and an adventurous home cook living in sunny California.

I am fairly busy teaching 10 months out of the year, but I always make time for three things: family, friends, and food! It is my goal to see my family and friends as often as possible and to try a new recipe at least once a week. When I have time off during the summer, I make the trip back to my childhood home in Hawaii to see my grandparents and uncle. I also have more time to experiment in the kitchen, and my amazing boyfriend, John, is more than happy to be my  recipe tester.

I started Aloha Belly to remind myself to connect back to my roots and bring the spirit of Hawaii to my everyday life. In Hawaiian, aloha is used to say hello and goodbye, and it also means love. But, there is a deeper meaning; aloha is a way of life. I believe to live aloha means to have a positive outlook and to try to bring out the good in yourself and others. In terms of cooking, it means I try to choose and use my products carefully and respectfully and to find ways to improve recipes by bringing joy to the kitchen.

I hope that this site will not only be a means to my own personal improvement, but also a way to share some of the recipes and tips I have developed over the years in order to bring some aloha to all of your homes!


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