Whole Wheat Cinnamon Pancakes with Brown Butter Apples

Apple Cinnamon PancakesAs you may remember, John and I like to make a big breakfast on Saturday mornings.  We take this first weekend morning as an excuse to wake up late (7:00 am instead of 5:00), drink coffee in bed, and take some time to make a more time-consuming breakfast dish. This is our lazy time before our Saturday workouts. This week, we decided, was a pancake week.

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Recipe Duo: Great Grapes!

red grapesAs part of my healthy eating plan, I pledged to eat fruit every day.  Surprisingly, I’m not a huge fruit fan, unless they are the more exotic fruits that my grandmother has lovingly plucked from the fridge, prepared, and presented to me on a cutting board in the middle of her coffee table.  Then, I love them, but most fruit from the grocery store is not as appealing.  I do, however, hold a few common fruits in high regard, grapes being one of them. Red grapes are amazing little fruits.  They are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, plus they taste delicious and are much more versatile than you may think! Continue reading

Spiced Coffee Cake with Tutu’s Wheaties “Frosting”

Spice Coffee CakeMy father must have loved being a kid.  He speaks often of his childhood and, based on his stories, my dad’s family could definitely be the inspiration for the next Wonder Years.  But probably much more hilarious.

Since my grandmother passed away a few years ago, he has been talking about how she would make spice cake with Wheaties frosting when he was little.  He never really described this cake in any detail, so I always imagined a three-layer cake with cream cheese frosting and Wheaties just smooshed into it. Interesting. Continue reading