About Aloha Belly

Just like the word aloha, Aloha Belly has multiple meanings:

misc 0761. Give your belly some love!

To show love for my family and friends, I try to fill their bellies! It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to spend the day cooking a meal and then sharing it with people I care about. This is probably because I also really love to eat. I enjoy good food, and I have been known to eat until my stomach pops! I also want to show you some love and post some of my favorite comfort food recipes so you can enjoy them.

2. Goodbye, belly!

2012-07-14 14.21.24To take care of my body through my lifestyle and food choices, I have focused on developing healthy recipes. I think I have managed to do this not by eliminating flavor, but by choosing unprocessed, healthy ingredients. I’ve challenged myself to clean up the way I eat and stay on a workout plan (if only for limited periods of time) in order to maintain good health. So, even though I’ve accepted my “big opu,” I also know that it is healthier to say goodbye to it.  I’ll help you guys do the same by posting my favorite healthy recipes and by reflecting on some of my diet and exercise challenges.

3. Hellooooooo!

Everyone who knows me thinks that I am making a Seinfeld reference with this name. This one is more happenstance, but as a big-time fan, I am pleased to give this little nod to The Sein. If you love the show like I do, you can probably figure out how this connects.


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